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basickernel.git Code for writing a basic OS... nortega 12 months ago
castletour.git A combination of a few Irrlich... nortega 2 years ago
colonel.git A personal kernel project. nortega 8 months ago
cryptovoucher.git Overview of the CryptoVoucher... nortega 4 months ago
d6.git A diceware password generator. nortega 2 days ago
doublesgame-collection.git Collection of 'doublesgame... nortega 11 months ago
editvorbis.git Script allowing you to edit... nortega 2 days ago
indivisible.git Paralellized prime number... nortega 4 months ago
neocomm.git Decentralized chatroom network... nortega 2 months ago
numint.git A program to obtain the area... nortega 2 years ago A holy script that lets you... nortega 13 months ago
spaceshipsim.git Educational simulation of... nortega 11 months ago
trippy-cube.git A psychedelic cube that change... nortega 4 months ago
vectorwars.git A 3D first person shooter... nortega 3 months ago